Hi, I am Saba!

My relationship with food has been an interesting one.

Growing up as what they call a fussy eater, I never really bothered about food until adulthood happened. It finally was time I had to fend for myself in the kitchen.

Thus began my tryst with all things spices and flavours.

Needless to say, it was challenging in the beginning. In the midst of numerous faux pas and some reasonably edible recipe outcomes, I realised that I was hooked, for good!

Soon, I discovered the gastronomic paradise that lay in wait for me; and in return this journey-

a) helped me appreciate food (finally Maa, finally!)

b) made me realise ‘cooking’ is grossly over-rated

c) made me channel my time in the kitchen as an expression of creativity and love. Lots of love. Because I am told that is the key ingredient to a great tasting meal.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am one of those people who love to eat and cook for others without any qualms about sharing the recipe. So on various occasions, I have promised recipes to many generous peeps who wanted them but rarely got around to actually sharing them. Sincere apologies!

This blog is an effort in curing my procrastination so that the love for food gets shared around.

On that note, let the food stories begin…

Saba Khan is a Digital Marketer, Storyteller, Nomad, Foodie and a New Mum. Her recipes are inspired by her love for good food and convenient cooking. Though a big fan of Asian, Italian and International flavour trends, her Indian background reflects in the food she cooks. The ‘ingredients’ in the recipes may read to be Aussie friendly because Saba is based out of Sydney but the ingredients should be available at your local grocery store or Indian shop.

All recipes and photographs are owned by Saba except when specified.

Profile image courtesy pranavbhasin.com


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